Jasiel F. Correia II, commonly referred to as Jasiel Correia, is the current Mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts. Born on December 11, 1991, he is the youngest Mayor in the history of the city at 24 years old, surpassing the record set by former Mayors William A. Flanagan and John W. Coughlin, who were both elected at 29 years old. He is also the first Mayor of Cape Verdean (and therefore African) descent. He is currently facing nine charges of wire fraud and four charges of filing false tax returns in connection with his startup app company, SnoOwl.

Businesses and Volunteer Work

Starting out as a youth activist, Correia was recognized by the City of Fall River and then-Mayor Robert Correia (no relation) in 2008, for his work as Vice President of the BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug-free) Coalition. While attending Providence College, he was also involved in student government and campaigned for class president. While completing his BA in Political Science, Correia was an intern for then-Senator John Kerry(D-MA).

Correia has also started a variety of businesses, most of which are online apps intended for use by other companies.

Political Career

City Council

Correia made his first run for political office at age 21, when he sought a seat on Fall River's nine-member City Council in the 2013 city elections. As there were only 18 candidates for City Council, a preliminary election was not held in September. (This is because any city election requires the number of candidates to be at least equal to twice the number of seats available plus one more candidate; for City Council, 19 candidates would have been required.)

In the November election, Correia placed 10th out of the eighteen candidates, though he would later gain a seat on the City Council after the resignation of Cathy Ann Viveiros in 2014, after she was appointed by Mayor Flanagan to be City Administrator.

2014 Mayoral Recall

During the 2014 effort to recall Mayor William Flanagan, Correia was confronted by recaller Jordan James Silvia at a City Council meeting on August 12 and told he could be the next individual targeted by the recall movement. On August 14, two days after signing the petition, Correia was summoned by Mayor Flanagan to a meeting behind Boondocks, a bar on Water Street. During this meeting, Correia alledges Flanagan threatened him with a gun, and while Flanagan is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, he denies threatening Correia. Correia reported this incident to the police and it was eventually picked up by local and state newspapers; though despite a federal investigation, no charges were brought on Flanagan.

The story did have a major effect on the recall effort, however, and was an important factor in Flanagan's loss in the December recall election to District Attorney Sam Sutter. It also elevated the name recognition of the little-known Correia.

Campaign for Mayor (2015)

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