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All about Fall River, Massachusetts; with a focus on in-depth politics and history. Fall River, Massachusetts, was founded as a town in 1803 and incorporated as a city in 1854. This site strives to be an encyclopedia of the city, primarily focused on political issues and candidates.

NOTICE: This site is not a place for real-world help!

The purpose of this site is NOT a direct line of discussion with the Mayor of Fall River or any other public officials.

It is NOT maintained by the City of Fall River or any particular politician, and messages left here are NOT being received, forwarded to or likely read by anyone capable of assisting you with actual issues.

This site is strictly for facts and general information about local elections. It is meant to educate about Fall River political history, not to serve as a means of contacting politicians. If you want to reach the Mayor or the City of Fall River about Methadone Clinics, Snow Removal or any other issues; here is a good place to start:

They are also easily found on Facebook and other social media and are generally responsive.

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